1. I can see what’s happening…


    The patterns are in front of me
    Can you see what’s happening?
    The patterns could be holding me…

  2. Understand


    This is IT.

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  3. Find someone who understands your silence.


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  4. "No one’s going to create an environment for your growth. You have to do that yourself. The older you get the less help you get. So don’t wait. Don’t rely. Have rational faith in yourself and build the place that lets you grow. Anyone who gives you static can kiss off. Why are they so hostile anyway?"

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    Get into this. - Viv


  5. I just wrote like I was in a crowd

    and someone started running

    and I didn’t know what we were afraid of

    but it was better than nothing

    I was afraid I was dying/dead

    depression is a bitch

    I am, in fact, alive

    and that bitch just gone have to 

    face it


  6. reminder-love and fear

    it has been a while since I posted but I want you to know I am still writing a little something all the time. I’m working on a love offering to everyone with my best friend and it is coming soon (summer).

    Recently I got the opportunity to test my own theories about love and fear. First, on love, I got to meet up with my bae-thang ravey and share some fun. We met on the innanetz but we been thick as thieves, and most importantly she made her presence felt when I was dying. I believe deeply that physical proximity has little to do with the awareness you can have/make with another person, a person that may love you in the ways that you desire. I believe this especially in friendship because I have met many. Some of whom I will never know their names or speak to again, but friends who extended some type of love to me in a critical moment. 

    Now, on fear. Recently someone that doesn’t deserve a mention tried to put me in a place of fear. Tried to control my actions by threatening to expose private things about me because I was not giving him the attention he felt he deserved. This is amazing because I thought I’ve said the following a million times in the last year but it bears repeating:

    The god I serve does not allow me to live in or take action from a place of fear. I paid it all, and I will live joyously because of it. I cannot be bought, misconstrued, perverted, or threatened by anything other than the god light that is in me, and the goodness that is in others. That is all my soul responds to. Whatever else happens, is a result of the universe conspiring in my favor. Always.

    I encourage us all to run and tell dat.

    I love you all dearly and hope life isn’t beating you up too bad.




  7. if you need another body roll tonight (intro to ‘I’m So Into You’)

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  8. jheneaiko:

    something new, something throwback… at the same time :) 

    written by : Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo

    produced by : Froback Musik

    I needed this so I figured you might too. Good day loves.


  9. working presence 3/7/14

    every time I am present, I deliver
    supremacy seeks retribution
    for the ways you’ve tried to make space
    for the moments you looked with no fear
    it is something dangerous
    generous in its giving and taking of salutations
    that bind into falsehoods
    yet still, this is not your concern

    when I have arrived in the moment
    no one can take
    where we are is where we are
    no one can lie to something they live in
    you can’t talk yourself out of your
    it is only right there, until there is another

    when I remember this
    I cannot be crippled
    by an untruth that would rather
    I not live to tell the story

  10. cctjevo:


    Emotion and expressing emotion are human traits. Don’t rob boys of their humanity. @zellieimani

    Be human.

    So important.

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