1. if you need another body roll tonight (intro to ‘I’m So Into You’)

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  2. jheneaiko:

    something new, something throwback… at the same time :) 

    written by : Jhené Aiko Efuru Chilombo

    produced by : Froback Musik

    I needed this so I figured you might too. Good day loves.


  3. working presence 3/7/14

    every time I am present, I deliver
    supremacy seeks retribution
    for the ways you’ve tried to make space
    for the moments you looked with no fear
    it is something dangerous
    generous in its giving and taking of salutations
    that bind into falsehoods
    yet still, this is not your concern

    when I have arrived in the moment
    no one can take
    where we are is where we are
    no one can lie to something they live in
    you can’t talk yourself out of your
    it is only right there, until there is another

    when I remember this
    I cannot be crippled
    by an untruth that would rather
    I not live to tell the story

  4. cctjevo:


    Emotion and expressing emotion are human traits. Don’t rob boys of their humanity. @zellieimani

    Be human.

    So important.

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  5. gleetchie:


    Who outchea talkin shit bout big biden???

    Wave Biden hopped out the whip like a wrestling entrance

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  6. "my words are my armour/ and your about to meet your karma"

    M.I.A.- Karmageddon


  7. "

    Everyday I am reminded that as an immigrant I am merely tolerated but not accepted. My presence is monitored, examined, and suspect because I left another country, a place where I was born and deigned to cross onto American shores.

    I am told I am not entitled to anything, not just because my skin is dark, but also because my name-sound is unfamiliar.

    So, if I am not of this place, and it is not mine by birth, why does my homeland treat me like a second-class citizen? I have been gone so long that my conversation is seasoned by my American accent. My skin can’t figure out why there is so much heat around me, and my complexion looks like I’ve been on vacation my whole life and everybody can tell.

    Being a member of the “lost” Diaspora, marked by the features of my homeland, driven by the guideposts of culture I have clung to, makes self-identification hard. While I believe to my core that I am African, Africa does not embrace me.


  8. "“Stop, turn, look and see. Pause, breath, run and dream. Stay strong, live, lead. MOVE LOVE across seas” - KING & Robert Glasper"

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    as if on cue…. <3333

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  9. move

    on the eve of my move into a new living space (damn ain’t packing the goddamn worst) I, of course, am feeling a bit reflective. A year in this current space worked a lot of things in my life. These walls saw a transformation but now I know I have more to do. Sometimes a new space forces you to embrace ‘newness’ and with it the fearlessness of the unknown. my horoscope indicated that this was a week of change and faith and that this time, generally, is one of spring and renewal. moves are exhausting and expensive, physically, financially, and emotionally. but I have a home within and I am closer every day to accomplishing my goal of simplicity, mindfulness, intention, and security.

    this is another season and I am moving on.


    Good Vibes here

    of course